ias coaching kolkata

IAS coaching kolkata

Stage 1IAS FOUNDATION prepares a candidate to achieve the standards required for a graduate of an Indian university, so that the aspirant is at the wavelength where comprehending debates, discussions, analysis, etc comes naturally. Students after completing graduation suffer from the misconception that they can cope with the rigours of classroom coaching seamlessly without any additional preparation. The above discussed approach creates a wrong impression about the difficulty level of the exam.


Stage 2 – IAS PRELIMINARY – the preparation aims at understanding wide range of issues across subjects as history of india, geography, science & technology, Indian polity, environment, economics, sports, current issues of general interest.

The preparation of above issues is time consuming and syllabus unwieldly. Aspirants need to balance between intensive & extensive preparation. In civil service preparation UPSC always changes focus i.e. setting more questions from one subject or other. starting preparation early cannot be overemphasized.


STAGE 3 –  IAS MAINS– preparation for civil service mains is not different from preliminary. Memory has limits & best preparation can only be achieved if it is simultaneous. Preparing only for preliminary is too mechanical & informative, difficult to comprehend since it is at times out of context. Preparing only for mains makes progress slow.


STAGE 4  – INTERVIEW – personality test is a sum total of information, analytical skills , beliefs and ability to critically analyse situation at hand. Preparation for interview starts the day one is born, what we try to do is to provide belief to be honest and not to try to out-wit the interview board. Ias coaching kolkata provides detailed preparation for interview.


integrated civil service – 2019 (TILL MAY 2019)

  • complete courseware materials (text materials + assignments +practice tests)
  • Access to updated news & general awareness materials (24 months)—along with all relevant discussions
  • Rotational section based tests at regular intervals +review + expert analysis
  • 15 exact to the pattern mock tests
  • Interaction with teachers 4 times a year at pre-decided dates.
  • All changes in syllabus and exam pattern to be dealt with at no extra cost
  • FEES – 71,000