Ias coaching in Kolkata

Ias coaching in Kolkata

IAS COACHING facility that we provide in Kolkata is based on elaborate research that did based on local needs, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. that are in turn the result of education system that prevails in the schools, colleges & universities, from where students come to take coaching in our centres.
Students in Kolkata in large numbers have a language issue, since a large number of them come from vernacular medium schools & colleges, therefore the transition is tough at times, as everyone prefers English after going through and evaluating various standard texts that they will be required to go through in course of their preparation, particularly in context of their poor local language versions.
Students start their preparation by taking admission in one study centre or the other, with the most important question still to be decided & far from settled, considering, volumes of study materials and notes that one needs to peruse through to satisfactorily navigate the demands of the exam.
Problems also arise out of the fact that aspirants take admission in institutes & study centres without any background and prior preparation – leading to initial classes being tiring, difficult, etc. all due to lack of interest.
1. By the time students and aspirants start feeling comfortable after the switch in language, the coaching classes are over or about to be over and students are left groping for answers which do not exist as most of the institutes in Kolkata do not have proper full time teachers & since most often they hire teachers locally or as many of them say from other famous renowned coaching centres and cities.
2. Secondly, most of the students who enrol for coaching, come with very little prior preparation & simply fail to participate in the discussions that are so central to civil service preparation.
3. Most of the times institutions provide single year support which is not adequate & next year support comes at a hefty cost.
4. Outstation teachers are promised but the teachers are locally hired and at times are not suitable.
To overcome the above problem, we at IAS VISION provide the following :
1. We have fully in-house stationed teachers.
2. Round the year classes.
3. Round the year doubt clearing
4. Round the year test series.
5. Free immediately succeeding year classroom support if needed.
6. Answer writing practice & evaluation.
7. All arrangement, if UPSC ever changes syllabus.
How we go about our task:
• The classes: our classes will be endless discussions on the myriad aspects of the subject at hand at hand & we doing everything in a manner so that students find the same difficult to forget. Remember, no one can teach for an exam as dynamic as CIVIL SERVICE, what we can do is to inculcate ideas that make aspirants analytical and clear about their take on the subjects at hand.
Process needs to be repeated many times over.

• The assignments: Assignments are phase – 1 of lesson revising process after classes have come to an end. whether the lessons have been properly comprehended is checked & deficiencies sorted out during the assignment solving phase. Students are advised and encouraged to refer books from library to enlarge their spectrum of outlook.

• The class tests: After assignment solving comes class tests, that checks the ability of aspirants to comprehend and remember the class discussions and answer based on retention in terms of memory. These tests are basically sectional and do not cover an entire subject.

• Subject based tests: After a certain number of class tests are over and revision done it is time for full subject based tests, that take the aspirants to the next level.

• Exact to the pattern tests: After all subject based tests are over it is time for mock tests that would be exact to the pattern or a bit higher in difficulty level as is expected from aspirants.

• ALL INDIA TEST SERIES: this gives aspirants a chance to measure their preparation with other aspirants in different states and cities, thereby measuring their comparative level of preparation.

For slow learners: For all aspirants who want to learn differently, we believe in learning slowly and perfectly, the institute will provide round the year support & revision unlimited number of times.